A veces hago Fanfics


-You know what? Fuck it all. We are going down swinging. – She picked a CD from the space between the front seats and chose one she had found, only female rockers in it. They listened to Janis Joplin, Hole, Alanis Morrissette, No Doubt, and Patty Smith. They played it three times in a row during the following four hours, but they didn’t want to sing along to it. Until Lux began to mumble “Because the night”. At first she was quiet, but then she started singing aloud, turned the volume up and opened the windows.

Come on now try and understand / the way I feel under your command / take my hand as the sun descends/

And in that moment, Megan followed her.
They can’t touch you now, / can’t touch you now, can’t touch you now / Because the night belongs to lovers/Because the night belongs to love/Because the night belongs to lovers/Because the night belongs to love

And finally Sue went along, from the bottom of her heart.
With love we sleep / with doubt the vicious circle / turn and burns / without you I cannot live
forgive, the yearning burning / I believe it’s time, too real to feel / so touch me now, touch me now, touch me now

-This is adult car here, please shut the fuck up or you will get us all eaten alive…-said Mike

Lux flipped the finger out of the window.
Because the night belongs to lovers/Because the night belongs to love/Because the night belongs to lovers/Because the night belongs to love

Lux wouldn’t remember it well, when she tried to recall it months later. She saw a huge, oxidized metal plate laying on the ground, before her, and rapidly thought of breaking the car at once, but then realized something.

-Hold on to yourselves! I can’t stop or the car behind will hit us!

The spikes blew off the tires and she lost control of the car, which started spinning. She tried to control it twisting the wheel in the same direction, as her brother told her once, but it didn’t work. After three rounds, they stopped. They couldn’t hear a noise.

-Are you good? -asked Sue

-I am. -said Megan.

-Let’s get out of here, I’m heading to the bushes. -said Lux.

-Why? -asked Sue.

-Because this is a spiderweb and we are the flies.

She left and heard the first shots. She hid into the bush and waited, breathing fast. There were screams and more shots, and she started feeling bad, because she must had waited for the others. But she was so scared she couldn’t think in those terms. She then thought she might be more useful if she wasn’t caught, but it seemed like a stupid excuse anyway.

-You are alone, bitch. You are alone again. -she unlocked her desert eagle and swallowed saliva.

The noises stopped and she waited. She only heard a walker moaning in the distance, and some branches creaking around.

She didn’t give in, and she didn’t know why. She waited until she heard a dog barking close to her, and then the first raindrops hit her face. And she got out from her hiding place, and she fought. She shot, and cut, and she got beaten, and cut, and bitten by a dog. A dog so big it looked like the ones on the horror books she read at home when she was fourteen. And then she got knocked out.

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